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The Storyteller’s Sampler Book

By February 17, 2020blog

A fellow Aussie, Cinzia White, has just launched her book, The Storyteller’s Sampler Quilt. Whilst hexagons are not usually my thing, I wanted to support a fellow Aussie, so I put up my hand to make one of the blocks as part of the Quilt Along!

I picked some beautiful Alison Glass fabrics to help me get started, and the block I chose to do is called ‘I Love Lucy’ – how could I not pick that one?! What a fabulous star shape!

I have to be honest though, this block tested me. There are 31 pieces in this hexagon (not including the white outer border)… let me say that again… THIRTY ONE pieces…. and the size in the book is about 2 & 1/2″ finished……. I cried a little to Cinzia and she took pity on me and let me increase the size up to a 4″ hexagon….. woohoo!

The book explains a number of different ways to make each of the blocks, I chose to foundation paper piece mine (as me and EPP do not get on well) and it still stretched me. There were some dollars put into the swear jar. The hexagon spent some time in the naughty corner. There were some partial seams and some I had to resort to hand sewing!

BUT I GOT THERE! WOOHOO!! Though I am not sure I still love Lucy…..

I have added some additional fabric around the hexagon and then cut it into a square to make a mug rug.

And I am just a bit proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone. Something different. And something difficult for me. It made me think. And slow down. And truly appreciate the people out there that do these type of quilts all the time!! My hat is off to you!

Check out Cinzia’s facebook group for more details about the book and the sew along!

And if small piecing and big challenges are your jam, then this is the book and sew along for you!!

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