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Atomic Starburst Quilt Finish

By December 31, 2018October 31st, 2019Atomic Starburst Sew Along, blog

Well it took a while (ok, quite a while!) but I have finally finished the Atomic Starburst quilt! Woohoo!

This pattern is by Violetcraft and the paper and PDF versions of this pattern can be found at her website

This has been a favourite all throughout the process…. from the first paper pieced star blocks

Through to putting the diamonds in amongst the stars

And all those lovely low volume backgrounds!! And the Alison Glass fabrics…. totally my favourite fabric of 2018!

The quilt top sat for a while (I was a little scared to trim all those bias edges!) but once Lily the Longarm arrived, it was time to get stuck in….. and boy did I have a BLAST quilting this one!


Each star was echoed and each row of diamonds got their own pattern, some ruler work, some freehand patterns, all fun!

Here are some closeups just after she came off the longarm 🙂

The swirls in the sashing were lots of fun too…. let’s just say I had plenty of time to work on my consistency and spacing!

And today, all bound and looking beautiful, she had her photo shoot out by the Quilt Barn!

I must say I am usually very strict on not mixing white background prints with creamy background prints, but I was determined for the background to be scrappy low volume… so there are bits of both in there. Indoors it isn’t that noticeable… out in the bright summer sunshine…. hmmmmm…… what do you think?

This is my last post for 2018! I managed to make 41 items this year…. 17 quilts, 18 other items (mug rugs, cushions etc) and 6 bags! It really is amazing what can be achieved in a year when you add it all up! If you want to see the quilts and bags made during the year click on the Finish Along Quarter Plans below. And this quilt is my final finish for my fourth quarter Finishalongs #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL!

Thanks to you for following along, commenting, being part of sew alongs, coming to classes and buying my patterns! I have loved sharing Said With Love with you in 2018! Wishing you a fabulous and creative 2019!

And a huge thanks to my @thefabrichusband without whose support and love (and understanding!) I wouldn’t be to do anywhere near as much as I do!


  • Wow, 41 makes for the year is amazing. Congratulations on this beautiful finish and I look forward to seeing what you create in 2019.

  • Simply gorgeous! Well done, it looks awesome.

  • Lynne says:

    You have been so productive! And, I totally understand the issue with white and cream low volume. I struggle with that also, and I am surprised at the difference in how they appear inside and outside. Congrats on the finish, and behalf of the entire FAL crew, thank you for participating.

  • Mary Grass says:

    I really love this quilt…….is it all paper pieced? Can I purchase the pattern from you?

    Thank you,
    Mary Grass

    • SWL says:

      The stars are paper pieced, yes. I will email you with the details of where to purchase the pattern from the designer!

  • Shell says:

    If you make another one please do a step by step on how you did this. I’ve got all my stars done and diamonds (it’s pinned to my design wall looks so pretty. I’m now sewing it all together and am having trouble matching up the seams. All this sewing on the diagonal is very difficult. Can you share how you did this so nicely. Your quilt turned out beautiful. Good Job my friend!

    • SWL says:

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Sewing on the diagonal definitely is a bit more tricky! You need to give yourself the ¼” seam allowance….. which means there will be a little bit of fabric sticking out on one end of the seam and it can look like it’s a bit “short” on the other end….. have you ever sewn triangles together? It is very similar to that. Perhaps cut up a couple of equilateral triangles and sew them together to get the feel of it so that the points line up.

      I will send you an email with some links to show you what I mean.

      Oh, and PINNING is really helpful. I pinned a LOT to get my diamond shapes and angles to work.

      And, if you look very closely, they do not all match up 😊 Finished is always better than perfect!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi there! My mother is a HUGE fan of this pattern, would you be able to tell me where you got it from? Any assistance would be greatly appreicated. Jessica

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