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Atomic Starburst SAL – Week 1

I know it isn’t the 1st July, but I just couldn’t wait to start the sew along!!

The very relaxed sew along goes for the month of July and together we will make these gorgeous foundation paper pieced starburst blocks then the diamonds and quilt top. For a bit of a recap of what I mean by a relaxed sew along have a read here.

You decide how many starbursts you want to do, how big you want to make your quilt (or cushion or table runner or whatever!) and we give each other some support via the Instagram hashtag #atomicstarburstsal 🙂

So….. here is my first starburst block!

I am going to use my Alison Glass stash – left over scraps from my Girt By Sea quilt as well as a few bits and bobs I have been collecting for a while. Coz, well, Alison Glass people! The saturated colours just make my heart sing! And my background is going to be scrappy low volume as I just love that look!

These starburst foundation paper pieced blocks are just so GORGEOUS!! Though I will be the first to admit they are a little fiddly… but they aren’t impossible at all. Take your time….. try not to get distracted whilst in the middle of making a block (so after the kids are asleep and the hubby is watching sport perhaps!?) and just enjoy creating the beautiful diamond shaped stars!

My plan is to make four starbursts a week along with the co-ordinating diamonds and in the last week I will cut the sashing and put them together. (I am making a slightly smaller quilt than in the pattern).

So, tell me what your plan is ?


  • Tammy B says:

    your quilt will be gorgeous! I absolutely love the low volume in your starbursts! I’m interested in knowing your size & layout, because I don’t want to do a big quilt, either- too hard for me to actually quilt it! My plan is to use Cotton + Steel fabrics- my absolute favorites!

    • SWL says:

      Hi Tammy! The pattern has 19 starburst blocks and they are a bit too randomly placed throughout the quilt for my liking!! I am going to do an even number across the colours (maybe 16?) and have them more regularly placed in the quilt. I’ll post my ideas for layout in a few days once I have firmed up my thoughts!

  • Sarah says:

    I printed the pattern and made templates with extra heavy template plastic. Pulled fabric and cut all 30 diamonds after double starching the fabric! I’ll start the stars today! Thank you for hosting this sal!!

  • Kay Shortland says:

    Is it possible to see the layout for the stars?
    I have only just seen pictures of the various quilts

  • Phyllis Weiss says:

    Is the pattern for sale? I just found the quilt on Pinterist and I love it.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m making a king size quilt with this pattern. I’m making the stars now! All cut out

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