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Black and White Simple Patchwork

By August 23, 2021blog

Sometimes simple patchwork of squares is just what you need to sew. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power, it is soooo therapeutic sitting at the sewing machine happily sewing away. Another recent birthday saw me getting out a few left over black and white fabric squares cut from a previous project and adding some more.

There were coffee cups and VW Combi vans and science prints (and purses but we will skip over those!!) Just lots of fun prints all in the black, white, cream range.

Cut, sew, repeat. Very relaxing! And voila…. a finished quilt in no time!

A very quick photo shoot before we were able to give it to my brother for his birthday (just a month or so late due to various lockdowns!).

The back was some black and white fabric I had popped away for a rainy day in my stash…. just perfect to show off the VW Bug digital quilting design I found!

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