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Boho Heart QAL – Week 8

It’s Yoga Week! So let’s stretch and relax… we are back on normal pieced blocks and only a few of them this week for a nice easy time.

After all the stress (ok, on my part perhaps!) of the applique and EPP blocks, it is soooo nice to be back piecing blocks normally!

The fancy pinwheel was a bit of a brain squeeze…. but with the correct instructions (yes, there was a cutting error on the original print of the pattern for this block) it made a lot more sense!

A plethora of pinwheels to scatter across the Boho Heart

A X Plus block (oh that reminds me I MUST quilt up my Tula X Plus quilt soon!!!!)

And finally rounding the week off with some Churn Dashes.

Nothing too difficult in there, but still a few blocks to get done during a week.

Next week is another catch up week so that all the people who started a bit later than the 1st Feb can catch up to the rest of us… and it is coming into Easter so thought it would be nice to spend some time with the family (in person or on Zoom.. .whichever you are safe to do).

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