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Fabric Tracking

By January 16, 2020blog

During 2019 I decided I would keep track of the amount of fabric I purchased and also how much I used…. I was curious to see how much fabric I bring into my craft room each month and also how much I use with all my makes!

It was an interesting exercise! (and spoiler alert…. I brought in more than I used….)

I counted the fabric as IN as it literally came into my house, and I counted it as OUT when it was used in a finished project. So a bound quilt, completed bag, mug rug etc. Or if I had a destash and sold it, that was also included when it left the building !

I realised though, that I use a lot of precuts…. jelly rolls, charm packs etc. which aren’t that easy to convert to width of fabric metres (or yards).

So, with my very talented husband @thefabrichusband, we sat down and worked out the conversion of all the standard precuts such as a jelly roll (40 strips of 2.5″ x Width of Fabic) and charm pack (42 pieces of 5″ square) etc from not only inches to metric, but converted it to width of fabric yardage.

And we would love to share that conversion tool as well as the Fabric Tracking monthly sheet!

Just click on the download button below to sign up to our newsletter and you can then download the conversion tool (in either metric or imperial measurements) and the fabric tracker!

I would love to see your tally each month, so please tag me on Instagram @said_with_love and use the hashtag #fabrictracking2020 so we can all see each other’s posts!

And for those that are curious…. in 2019 I was about even until my birthday in May when my hubby took me on a day trip to Amitie in Torquay….. let’s just say that it was a bit downhill from there and a few super amazing sales late in the year brought my overall tally to +54.9 metres.

Keeping track of my fabric in and out hasn’t stopped me from purchasing beautiful fabric, but it has spurred me on to use my fabrics… even the special, gorgeous, out of print fabrics….. Life is short… use the good fabric!!


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