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Sew Sampler December 2019

By January 15, 2020blog

This box turned up at just the time I needed a bit of a lift…. all the news about the fires has been so sad and depressing. So much devastation and loss.

Getting a box of pretty fabrics seems so trivial in the face of all of that…. however it lifted my spirits and gave me something else to think about for a few moments.

Having said that…. this box wasn’t my favourite so far. Check out the unboxing video to see what was included!

Re-watching the video I am laughing at how hard it was to get those little rubber scissor keepers out of the test tube!! I did eventually get them out (had to use a stiletto long sharp tool!) and I popped them on a pair of my small scissors so you could see how they look and could be used.

But I don’t think I will use those…. they are a bit fiddly and whilst they may be great if you pop your scissors into a bag to take out somewhere, I rarely do that.

The seam roller is a good sturdy one, but I don’t use these. I get up and press using my iron (it is after all, only 2 steps away and it is good to get SOME exercise whilst sewing!).

And whilst there are a couple of prints in the fabric I like, I haven’t got any projects where I am likely to use these in (and the pattern didn’t make me want to stop, drop and quilt!).

So overall this box was a bit of a miss for me. But considering there have been some AWESOME boxes leading up to this, I am not too concerned. I am sure there will be some more beautiful things heading my way soon.

But stay tuned….. I can feel a giveaway of some of these unused items in future. : )

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