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Fabric Weaving

By July 29, 2019blog

Well I went down a bit of a rabbit hole this week and tried Fabric Weaving!!


I had watched Mathew aka @misterdomestic doing some weaving on his youtube channel and thought it looked cool. But it wasn’t until I saw this pattern by @weftyneedle called Woven Star Variations that was being made up by @hartlandquiltshop . OMG. It stopped me scrolling Instagram in a second and off to the internet to purchase the wefty needles and the pattern!!

And for the Aussies reading this, I was able to purchase from Everything Fabric here in Australia – the Wefty Needle and the Woven Star Variations pattern. (these are NOT affiliate links, just helping you all out)

I just loved the stars starting to appear!

I selected some Bonnie & Camille fabric that I had half yards of and started cutting.

And then got out the bias binding tool and starting making LOTS of 2″ binding strips…. Sigh. There is always so much prep work before the real fun begins!

And then finally to setting up the core strips of the weave and I got so excited I forgot to take a picture until I was on to the first diagonal weave!

Up to this point it was pretty easy… lots of prep and being careful and pinning etc, but pretty easy. It was about to get harder!

Working out where to weave the second diagonal weave, which ones over and which under etc was a bit tough. There was some hitting and missing and re-doing…. but I finally got there and WOOHOO! The first star appeared!

There might have been some squealing and running around the house saying ‘come and see my weaving!!’ 🙂 @thefabrichusband obliged and even managed to look impressed!

If you are interested in what I used to do the weaving on, I used my Lori Holt Design board! It is about 18″ square and I flipped it over so the shiny side was up. I then pinned a large piece of lightweight fusible interfacing (glue side up) and marked out my angles and lines ON THE INTERFACING!. I then started pinning the fabric on top of that. I didn’t want to permanently mark my design board.

And the picture below is of the back of the design board with my weave still pinned to the front.

So the bit where you take the weave off the backing board was … um…. nerve wracking!! I couldn’t iron straight onto my design board (I love this thing and didn’t want to damage it at all)… so I took it to my ironing board and unpinned and then kind of slid it a bit off the design board and then did some pressing on the fabric. This ‘kind of’ attached it to the fusible interfacing enough so I could continue to slide it all the way off the board and press it fully.

I then turned it over to iron it properly from the back and I did lose one corner of my weave a little bit.

Fixed it up and pressed it properly and then took it to my machine and stitched all the way around the edge to secure it all.

And wow….. I love it! I have it hanging in my craft room at the moment until I decide what I am going to do with it (cushion back, tote bag, zippy pouch, centre of a quilt back…. the possibilities are endless!)

So now I am totally bitten by the fabric weaving bug and there will definitely be more to come! Right after I finish all the other projects I have on my to do list.

Have you tried fabric weaving yet? Do you want to give it a go now?

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  • Marilyn Lynch says:

    I searching for a Wefty Needle! Could you help me out with this please.
    I live in central Bendigo central Victoria and happy to have a bit of a drive to get one
    Best wishes
    Marilyn Lynch

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