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Farm Girl Vintage 2 – Barn Cat

By November 8, 2019blog

This week on the Farm Girl Vintage 2 sew along is the Barn Cat block! We have just discovered that we have a feral cat living somewhere near us but I think ‘Barn Cat’ is a much nicer term!

There is some embroidery to make her face cute and catlike, but I will do that later. Embroidery isn’t my most fun task in the world, so I would prefer to do it all together, and I know there are other blocks that will require more.

So farm life for us this week has included our rhododendrons flowering in all their glory and also our chives…. I love that purple!

The second block this week is the Bright Zinnia block – we don’t grow zinnias in our garden, but the quilty version is pretty darn gorgeous!

(and just a note before it really irks people…) I don’t trim my blocks until I am about to put them all together in a quilt top. So there will be some uneven bits and some hanging threads in my pictures!

Once I have them all made I can work out if I have been making a little on the small side or larger side and trim accordingly!

How are you going with your Farm Girl Vintage 2 blocks?

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