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Jelly Roll Rug

By September 17, 2018September 18th, 2018blog

This weekend just past was International Sew a Jelly Roll Day (ok, so it is just National but as there are a LOT of us outside of the US that love jelly rolls, I added the ‘inter’ bit!)

I cracked open my much loved and saved until now Feed Company Jelly Roll by Sweetwater…. and I just crossed my fingers that the Jelly Roll Rug I had planned did not come out looking like some wavy carpet 🙁

I purchased my supplies and started working on making the very long strip and the humungous ball during the week as I knew it was going to take me more than one day.

Here is only about half of the strips made into the ball and it is already HUGE!

And I loved it once it was finished…. I was very tempted to leave it like this I loved it so much!!

Saturday came around and I started sewing (having re-read the pattern instructions multiple times and watched a couple of tip videos!)

And yep, that huge ball rolled around on the floor under my feet lots!

I was very worried about things getting wonky and wavy…. quite a lot of the tips were “USE STARCH”…. so after the first couple of corners I took it over to the ironing board and this was what it was looking like BEFORE the starch and AFTER. Yep, starch is the go!


I continued to use the starch and pressing every couple of corners until the corners became much less stressful. This is how it looked after all the white strips were finished and then the red strips.


It was starting to look good and the corners were soooo much easier by then I powered on with the aqua strips

And then finished with the darker black strips on the very outside!

Then I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of it in the Quilt Barn…. I was seriously tempted to leave it there (or maybe make another one for this corner!?)

But it’s real and final position is in our recently renovated laundry…. where it will make me smile whilst doing the boring laundry!

@thefabrichusband said it was too good to be out here in the laundry though!

My thoughts on the whole process were ….. time consuming, a little boring (making the ball) but WOW the finished product is awesome and totally worth it! I want to make more 🙂 🙂

Have you made a Jelly Roll Rug yet?


The jelly roll rug is one my third quarter Finishalongs #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


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