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Maker’s Tote Class

By June 27, 2017November 20th, 2017blog

Well last Saturday was my first class teaching at Cotton Factory.  We had 6 people come along to learn how to make the Noodlehead pattern, Maker’s Tote.

I have made quite of few of these and have tweaked the pattern a little to make it work a bit better and help people get a great result from their make!

We had the shop sample to look at (because of all the totes I have made, I am yet to keep one!)

And the ladies had a wide variety of fabrics they had chosen for their bags.



Some chose to have a 6″ pieced block on the front of their bag, others didn’t. As always, the creativity of people means that no two bags looked alike!

We had a lot to get through on the day, so we were all working hard from the get go!

Surrounded by all the gorgeous fabrics of Cotton Factory it was sometimes hard to keep our concentration on the bag making!!

Quilting, quilting, quilting….

Favourite footy team colours anyone?And look at that beautiful quilt hanging in the background…. Alison, when are we doing another block exchange? 🙂

Always time for a cuppa in a pretty cup.

And just a hint of a Tula Pink bag in the making…..


We didn’t quite get finished bags done on the day (I have been helping the ladies online with the last few steps) but boy, these bags are going to look fantastic when they are finished!

A gorgeous hand sewn mixed-media front panel for this neutrals beauty

And full blown Tula for this one!!

It was a great day – can’t wait to do it again soon.

This sums up the day for me! 🙂


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