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Merrily Quilt

By July 8, 2018blog

And so happy I managed to get this finished just sneaking in before the end of the deadline for the Q2 Finish Along!

I have had this kit for ages (gosh, Moda make up great kits… the boxes are lovely and jammed packed full of fabric!)

And the colours were just perfect for my girlfriend whose bedroom colours are “rust red, olive green and brown’…. and as those colours were just NOT in my stash at all I started to get quite concerned…. until I looked at the Merrily Quilt Kit and there they were…. and looking gorgeous to boot!

I took forever to finally getting the time to open and start cutting. There is a LOT of fabric in there! I have enough for make another small quilt easily! (luckily I have purchased another one of the cute animal panels, so I might just make another one of these!)

Those animals!! BIG heart eyes for those 🙂

One made me laugh however…. I had cut out and sewn it up when my husband saw it on the design wall late one evening….

And asked…. “why is the polar bear levitating?”

🙂 🙂 🙂

After belly laughing for some time, I decided that my girlfriend would find that very frustrating, so I did a bit of quilt surgery

Voila…. a no longer levitating polar bear 🙂

I did make a few changes from the original kit pattern. My girlfriend has some very definite ideas on how things look… and finds things that are uneven or asymmetrical very frustrating…. so the streets of houses are flat and the ground colours are all the same in each street. I am hoping she won’t find that the animals looking different ways too painful!!

And for once I just did a standard backing…. I couldn’t find enough of the red leaf print so I did have to put the dark green down either side… but it is, for once, not a double sided quilt!

Squeezing in one last finish for my second quarter Finishalong #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


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