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Moda Love Star Sewalong

By January 24, 2019blog

Moda is about to start a new sewalong for their free pattern the Moda Love Star over on Instagram starting tomorrow.

I love this pattern and in fact it was the pattern that spurred my real love of quilting AND my desire to make a quilt for every member of my family!

Here is the Brotherly Love Star that I made back in 2014 for my brother using Boat House by Sweetwater.

The pattern is great as it can be done using a layer cake (like I did) or a charm pack (yay another reason to use up those stashed charm packs!) or even a mini charm!

Which is what I did here with a mini charm of Boat House (hehe… from when I had the BRILLIANT idea to make a mini of each quilt I made for my loved ones….. yep, you guessed that…. it lasted for one quilt!! )

So you can grab the free Moda Love Star pattern here and if you would like to have a free colouring in page to work out how you want to lay YOUR love star out, Allison from Woodberry Way has provided one on her blog.

I am hoping to make one using a charm pack (to keep with the #charmcollective approach for 2019 and use up all the charm packs!).

What fabric range would you use?



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