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Brotherly Moda Love Star

By December 31, 2014November 27th, 2019blog

I don’t know whether you have a brother, but boy are they hard to buy presents for!!

For Christmas 2014 I had this brilliant idea that I would make my brother a quilt. Woohoo…. no more wandering around stores stressing about what to buy… or just cheating and buying wine (though he would have loved that!).

But oh dear…. I only decided this in early November…. I had to get my skates on!

I had The Boat House fabric by Sweetwater which had some great ‘boy’ colours and I had really enjoyed the Moda Love Star pattern so I decided to make the layer cake sized version for my brother.

I love the part of quilt making when you trial fabric and placement.


The final placement was a little different, as usual I struggle with scrappy or ‘random’ and there has to be a pattern.


The layer cake design was was really quick to make up the quilt top (luckily!) so I tried something new for me and mitred the border.


I was lucky enough to find Tina, a local lady, who then did a great job quilting my Moda Love Star.


We decided on a wave design… you know… to go with the Boat House fabric 😉

Cue Christmas Day and my brother opened his quilt with a bit of a quizzical expression as to what this squishy large parcel was, but he really loved it! Totally out of the blue for him (I think he was expecting more wine!) and is now in pride of place on his bed.


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