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My Epic Jelly Roll Rug

By August 20, 2020blog

Back in May I decided it was time to use my Winter’s Lane jelly roll….. this is my most favourite fabric line of all time and I have been hoarding it for ages…. but…. it really was time to USE IT!

When I got my Winter’s Lane jelly roll out I realised I had a few more jelly rolls sitting there….. TWO Winterberry and one of Return to Winter’s Lane…… so what the heck, time to use them ALL!

I had noticed that in front of Lily the Longarm I was starting to wear out the carpet with all the walking back and forward….. so it was time to make a jelly roll rug to go there and help save my carpet!

So I made a plan… and using my knowledge of how to make an oval and circle jelly roll rug, I decided to make a REALLY big and long rectangle jelly roll rug.

I started by making lots and lots and LOTS of jelly roll strips, three jelly roll strips at a time.

I made 50 of these long strips and oh they looked soooo good! And yes, the Jerry’s Jelly Roll Jig helped a HEAP!

And then I started putting them together, being very careful to try and keep them straight and pressing with starch often.

A zigzag stitch, with a good thread (I always use Aurifil 50wt), a denim needle and my Janome 9450 whizzed through all of these jelly roll strips easily!

And here is the EPIC jelly roll rug in place!

I have fallen in love with Winter’s Lane all over again!

I am going to love walking up and down on my epic Winter’s Lane jelly roll rug for many years to come!


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