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My YouTube Filming Studio

By April 28, 2023blog

Time for a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at where I film my quilty and sewalong videos!

For a very long time I had been filming in my craft room with a hand held phone and then finally a ring light holder for my phone (I felt so fancy!).

This meant that every time I filmed I had to clean off my cutting table, and tidy whatever could be seen on camera…. meaning my small craft room became a disaster zone every.single.time. Argh.

So with a years worth of bi-monthly videos required for the Barn Star Sampler Quiltalong coming up, it was time to get something set up permanently. I set up the above space in our sunroom which is adjacent to my craft room.

There is the ring light for front on videoing, and an overhead one so I can show blocks and detail from above. The overhead one is linked to a computer screen so I can see what is happening on the table in camera view!

The room has great light and a nice large wall where I can hang quilts!

So I was very happy with my new setup…. until this week when I just wasn’t feeling great about the space (without a quilt on the wall it just looks super boring!)….. so I changed things around a bit!

I filmed a quick video showing you the new layout

What do you think of the new backdrop to my filming studio? Do you have any suggestions for how I can more permanently handle the sunshine flickering through the trees?

If you aren’t already, I would love you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see all the How To videos, quiltalong and tips and tricks videos I post : )


  • Susan says:

    I’m trying to think which verandah has the sunroom & which direction it faces. Maybe the time of day will help with the sun & also the seasons as they come and go.
    It is nice and bright, especially with the white timber as a backdrop. Take care & hugs.

    • SWL says:

      Our sunroom faces north and has some lovely Silver Birch trees in front of it. So there is sun most of the year around, and the amount of leaves changes with the seasons. I am looking at some sheer curtains 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    What a great filming space! It must be a joy to spend time in!

    • SWL says:

      It is sooooo nice to have a permanent spot that is mostly bright and sunny! And this week we have had glaziers here putting in solid glass so it will be wind and water (and vermin!) tight in a couple of weeks yay!

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