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New Elizabeth Hartman Patterns

By October 12, 2018October 19th, 2018blog

Oooh! I was very excited to see the new patterns that Elizabeth Hartman is going to release at Quilt Market…. there are GNOMES people!!!

Super cute gnomes with different hats and tunics and leggings…. and a girl gnome called Nanette! 🙂 I can’t wait to start pulling fabric for this one!

We will be doing a sew along for this one starting in February (once the cute Berry Season fabric is released!). For more information about the Sew Along click here.

And there are two more patterns being released at the same time…. Cuckoo Clocks

I can imagine making a cuckoo clock with the time set to the birth time of a new baby… how cute would that be? Embroider the date and the bub’s name and voila a very cute personalised baby quilt!

And last, but by no ways least, is Beehive

The way the world is going, this may soon be the only place to see bees! (don’t get me started!)…. again this pattern is such a great use of cute fabrics!

I have all these patterns on pre-order for their release mid-late November….. make sure you get yours quickly as I have ordered limited numbers of each.

And there is a super special bundle price if you buy all three!

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