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Organise Along 2022 Getting Untangled

By July 8, 2022July 10th, 2022blog

Welcome to the Bee Sew Inspired Organize Along 2022! Jennifer from @beesewinspired , along with guest bloggers each week (yay that is me this week!) sharing lots of tips and tricks on how to get, and probably more importantly, keep, your craft space organised.

This first week is all about Threads! Getting Untangled is the topic for the week and we are looking at our threads… be they sewing threads, yarn, quilting threads or embroidery stitchery threads! You can head over to Jennifer’s website to find out more about the Organize Along and to read my guest blog.

So, lets get UNTANGLED!

I have LOTS of threads…. my Aurifil Thread collection in my craft room is stored in a gorgeous printers tray that I have hung on the wall! And of course I have put it in sort of rainbow colour!

Said With Love Aurifil thread storage hanging on wall in old printers tray

If you want to add to your Aurifil Thread stash we have lots of gorgeous colours in our online store.

My quilting threads are stored away in drawers so as to keep them dust free and in good condition when I need them for a customer quilt… so no cute picture of them sorry!

However, my embroidery thread storage is just abysmal! A drawer that is just jammed full with thread! New, used, half used, some on needles, all in a jumble and I can never find anything… Ugh… Definitely in need of some ORGANISING! It is no wonder that I never want to do any embroidery… this drawer just makes me go UGH and walk away!

Said With Love messy drawer full of thread

I wanted something that would organise my threads by colour, as that is how I select things, and keep them all neat and tidy. And maybe something that would allow me to keep half used thread lengths that are already on a needle…. because I HATE threading needles!

And maybe something that I could take with me, have sitting by the couch or take on holidays.

So, voila…. the Floss Book idea was born!

Said With Love Floss Book with rainbow clamshell fabric cover

A ‘book’… with pages for each of the main colours of threads I need to store.

Said With Love Floss Book showing the pages of the book

Each ‘page’ has a mesh pocket to hold the threads and a felt needle section to hold any ‘in progress’ needles with thread!

Said With Love Floss Book open to the centre page with mesh pocket and felt with matching coloured fabric

And I couldn’t resist doing some fussy cutting of the gorgeous Tasha Noel Quilt Fair fabric to have a cute little image on each page too. Those duckies walking on top of the Quilt Show!!

Said With Love floss book decorative fussy cut fabric

I made a page for blues, greens, yellows, pinks, reds and a rainbow one for any of the other colours I don’t have that many of. This stunning rainbow fabric and raindrop fabric is from Quiet Play from her Dream fabric collection for Riley Blake.

Said With Love Floss Book open at the rainbow page

I can’t wait to put all my embroidery threads in there! (I actually finished the floss book whilst on holidays and I left my thread drawer at home so haven’t had a chance to fill it up yet!)

Said With Love Floss Book standing up showing the spine

I managed to find a few threads to show you how each page will work….. that colours threads in the mesh pocket and some needles with threads already threaded on the felt. And all looking so cute and pretty!

I used lots of gorgeous low volume fabrics for behind my mesh pockets from the Riley Blake Hush Hush collection and the Hush Hush 2 collection is coming out later this year too!

Said With Love Floss Book pink pages with thread in the mesh pocket and needles in the felt

I have created a tutorial over on the Bee Sew Inspired website for this week so you can make your own Floss Book!

Said With Love Floss Book lying down showing the heart button closure and pages

And I have recorded a video to show you how to make the Floss Book!

And the Floss Book pattern is available now too! This will be a free downloadable pattern for the duration of the Organize Along and will then be a paid pattern.

Have fun organising your threads this week and come back next week when the topic is FABRIC! My favourite topic of all time <3


  • Susan says:

    The start of your post reminded me of my storing of thread with ordinary sewing cotton on the wall, long-arm thread in a large drawer, but I’m lucky to have one of those sets of teeny drawers from Innovations/Fox Collection for my embroidery thread. I’ll follow along with this organising as some of the topics sound very interesting.Your little thread book looks great. Will you be at the Melbourne Craft Show? Take care & hugs

    • SWL says:

      Thanks Susan, sadly, no I couldn’t make it to the Craft Show this time…. it would have been lovely, but family commitments required me elsewhere. And I love a good organising!!

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