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Our Charity Sew Day

By October 1, 2019blog

Wow…. What a day. Our Charity Sew Day on the 21st September was just awesome.

The feeling of having a group of wonderful women getting together to create things to help others is just amazing. It is uplifting. Warming. It restores your faith in human kind.

The weather was a bit dreary and cold but the warmth from everyone as they got stuck into making Handover Bags (using my unlined grocery bag pattern) and Carer’s bags (using the Noodlehead wide open pouch pattern) was inspiring.

We ended up making 50 bags and 19 zippy pouches! And there are more on the way from others who have contacted me and have been sewing along at home.


Nalina from Shannon’s Bridge charity dropped in over lunch and chatted to us about what they are doing and how our Handover bags and Carer’s pouches will be used. She was blown away by what we were all doing to help Shannon’s Bridge!

I am delivering all the bags later this week and hopefully will have a few more pics to share on Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to continue making things to help, the Handover Bags are an ongoing requirement. Go to for more details.

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