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Peaceful Planet Sewalong Hiccup

By February 7, 2018blog

Hmmm…. so I had been hoping to post about my finished quilt top for the Peaceful Planet Sew along today… but….


Argghhh…. this is why I like buying a whole bolt of background fabrics. However the grey I am using is a shot cotton from Spotlight and there was only so many metres left on the bolt when I bought it. And of course I thought there was HEAPS!

Haha. Cue to me deciding to create my own layout for my Peaceful Planet quilt and therefore not really having any pattern to follow to check fabric amounts….

Anyhoo, here is a picture of where I got up to before the OH NO! realisation and had to stop putting things together 🙂

I think it is looking pretty good and I can’t wait for my online order (yep, had to resort to ordering it online as all my local stores had sold out!) to arrive.

And yes, that is @thefabrichusband doing his best ‘Ian woz here’ impression 🙂

Stay tuned… hopefully by next Wednesday I will have a completed top to show you!

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