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Why is quilting so addictive?

By February 6, 2018blog

In a recent conversation with some new IG friends as part of the Peaceful Planet Sew Along, Janet mentioned that she is so grateful for her quilting addiction…. and it got me thinking.

What is it about quilting that we all seem to get so addicted to it?

Is it the fabric? Because goodness knows I cannot say no to beautiful new fabric! (FYI this is Amy Sinibaldi’s latest line, Dollhouse!)

Is it the making things for people we love? That feeling of giving someone a little piece of your love that they can wrap themselves in is pretty darn good…

Is it that we can create something that is unique? Having an outlet for some creativity in a world where we are stuck in a box (literally or figuratively) can help us keep sane.

Is it the community of like-minded souls that we find on IG and Facebook and on the Internet? Discovering that there are other people who are just as mad as you are for fabric and patterns and making things? This has certainly made me feel like I am not quite so alone (or crazy!).

Or is it something in our souls that just cries out to create things? In our increasingly throw-out, mass-produced society, does making an heirloom quilt that will be here long after we are gone help to keep us connected with the future generations?

What is it about quilting that makes you so addicted to it?

What do you get from quilting ?

Would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment or email me or share your thoughts via IG or Facebook 🙂

Now… back to my quilting……. 🙂


  • There are definitely many reasons why quilting is addictive, and I think you’ve touched on a lot of the reasons it calls to me in your post. I am definitely drawn to the “quilty hug” aspect of making a quilt. It can be there for someone I care about in a physical way when I cannot. I also get a lot of joy from doing something from start to finish.

  • Bernadette McKnight says:

    Great article. Thanks for quelling my addiction fears. I have something. I don’t know what it is but I love it when a quilt comes together. I don’t take much time from family even though when I am invited out and I decline, I lie about what I am doing when called. I say I am watching Netflix which is more acceptable than quiliting. I don’t exactly know why because I’ve no other addiction and I just started quilting last year for Pete’s sake! I often wonder where quilting has been all of my life. It is my meditation. “Alexa, play Etta James.” I am in a zone where I can’t be bothered. I may be addicted but it is an addiction that is improving my life. I don’t quilt unless I yoga first. Quilting my reward for exercising. For every hour of sewing I must walk .15 the next day. I am staying healthy. Stopping to eat my fish and vegetables. Let’s not get crazy now. I still have goals. My stash can’t get any more organized than it is. I keep my magazines and UFO’s to a minimum. I had to set all this up because I saw myself getting out of control. Quilters you have control and don’t letter anybody who does not know about quiliting tell you that you don’t.

    • SWL says:

      Bernadette it sounds like you have got things sorted very well to keep the addiction handled! Great idea to link your sewing to exercising! I too try this (my cross trainer sits right next to my longarm quilting machine!). It is all about having a bit of balance. Oh, and there are WAY worse addictions out there!

  • What a great shortcut & great idea! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Amy Jaynes - Quilting Wannabee says:

    I believe that some people are born makers. We need to make things to keep our souls shining bright.
    The media we choose depends on what makes our souls sing. My soul thrives on color pattern and texture. Quilting has all of that.
    Add to that my natural abilities for math, science and mechanical things. Quilting fills the bill.
    But even more than that I have found a connection with my ancestors through quilting.

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