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Quilting in the Countryside

By August 12, 2016March 23rd, 2023blog

When we made the move to the Victorian countryside in 2013 I knew I was going to love the quiet and the scenery…. I didn’t realise I was going to get addicted to quilting!

I have always loved fabric (and stationery but that is a whole separate topic!) but having never had my own space for sewing, it was always kept under control because there just.wasn’

Now that I have my own craft room in our new home, my sewing and fabric addiction has come to the fore!

I have space to spread all my various projects out, space for my fabric (well, actually I am already running out of space for all of it!) and when I am done for the day, I can close the door and the mess stays hidden.

I just love my craft room…. it gives me peace and inspiration and I just LOVE spending time in there… even just pottering around or fabric patting.


The drawbacks of quilting in the country side however is finding like minded people to share my addiction with, ahem, my passion with, and having fabric shops nearby.

There are a few shops nearby such as Gails Patchwork Emporium in Sebastopol. And some a bit further away such as Millhouse Gallery in Ballan , Alice in Fabricland in Kyneton and Patch n Quilt in Gisborne.

However, mostly it has meant that I have to purchase quite a bit of my supplies and fabric online. Luckily our local post office has just been voted one of the best in Victoria and they do a great job in keeping all my fabric packages safe and sound until we can get in and pick them up. They laugh about FF (fabric Friday) or TT (textile Tuesday) and giggle when my face falls if there isn’t any fabric deliveries to pick up!

I have found a great quilting tribe online on Instagram and have found some wonderful friends both in Australia and around the world.

I daydream about going on a world tour and meeting up with all the amazing women I have met around the world (and going fabric shopping with them!)….. now all I need is to win the lottery 🙂

And yes, this is the view from our back door 🙂Save




We recently added on the Quilt Barn (ok, @thefabrichusband calls it his shed, but we know better!) where I can invite fellow quilters in to share our beautiful surrounds and have classes and quilting days and photo shoots. Just driving through the gates you start to relax and unwind…… why don’t you check out our classes and see when you can come visit?


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