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Scrappy Fabric Xmas Ornaments

By November 15, 2018May 31st, 2019blog

I couldn’t help but get into Xmas mode early this year…. so many wonderful xmas fabric this year (Winter’s Lane Revisited, Swell Xmas, Vintage Holiday!) it seems like we have been surrounded by xmas since about May!!

Christmas ornaments are a favourite of mine and as I struggle to throw any scrap of gorgeous fabrics out… I may just have accumulated a bag of teeny scraps of scraps that just needed to be used! So here are my scrappy fabric Xmas ornaments!

They are made from some DIY ornaments (from Lincraft here in Australia but I am sure they will be available elsewhere in the world too).

I stuck to one colour way for each bauble

And even used some not so traditional colours up – they all look gorgeous!

I just open up the top of the ornament (where the string gets attached) and push in the little scraps… with a finger or the end of a pencil worked well too. Fill it all up and then screw the top back on, attach the string and voila! You have a super cute ornament to give away or pop on your own tree.

And bonus… you can still see snippets of your favourites long after there is none left in your stash!

Luna Lapin Downunder wanted to hold one that matched her dress and to wish everyone a very merry holiday season. Enjoy the family time, take deep breaths when family time gets a bit too much and be grateful for every single moment you spend with your loved ones.

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