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Sew Sampler Boxes March & April 2023

By May 24, 2023June 7th, 2023blog

It is all happening – I have Sew Sampler quilting boxes coming out of my ears at the moment! And what a lovely position to be in. : )

The Sew Sampler boxes are monthly subscription boxes from the Fat Quarter Shop and have fabric, patterns and some cool notions!

March was an awesome month…. the notions were really good. Some very different notions and ones that I will definitely use. Check out the video of the unboxing to see all the goodies.

I have been buying the Sew Sampler boxes for some years now (I pay for them myself) and whilst not every month is super awesome, there is always something good in there and I LOVE seeing the latest fabrics and new notions!

And just in case you want to have a good look at the contents (the video always goes by so fast!) here are the contents of the March box.

My favourite would be the quilt carrying strap! I love the colour and will come in handy when lugging quilts for quilt photos or picnics : ) And second favourite would be the cat magnet for popping on your sewing machine… I have JUST the person to give that to!

If you would like to try out the sew sampler box, you can purchase a one off box for a little while… and of course you can always purchase some of the contents too. Check out the page on the Fat Quarter Shop website for the month of the box.

And because it took me so long to get around to filming the March box, my April box had arrived and I have opened that up too!

This one wasn’t quite so awesome… there were a couple of notions that were a little bit ‘blah’, but the fabric was good, the pattern lovely and there were two notions included that are great! So all in all it was OK.

Watch the video unboxing for April Sew Sampler box to see which items you like or not.

I have been so enjoying opening these boxes up that I am going to go back a few months into 2022 and film those too. Because of my broken arms, I didn’t get to play with the contents, so they are still sitting in their boxes…. so stay tuned for more unboxings!

And here are the contents of the April box. My favourite items were the flower block needle minder and the aqua velcro cord ties! Both of these will be used straight away (and in fact, I might be buying some more of those cute cord tidies!).

You can buy the items that are in the monthly boxes and even try out just the month’s box from the Fat Quarter Shop sew sampler box page on the website.

My least favourite things are the iron cleaner and the screwdrivers. Probably useful, but not much fun!

And the new monthly block pattern ‘Pressed Flowers’ looks lovely! I will be putting each month’s blocks aside until the end of the 12 months and then make them all at once.

Do you get the Sew Sampler boxes? Or any other subscription box? I would love to hear what you think of them and which you get!

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