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Snail Trail Quilt

By July 6, 2018July 25th, 2019blog

Wow this Snail Trail Quilt (tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company) took me quite a while to finish!

I started cutting this one out in August last year! Using Horizon fabric by Kate Spain with such beautiful blues and greens in it!

Then I made my first blocks beginning of January this year

To realise that I hadn’t full watched Jenny Doan’s video properly… she DOESN’T trim the last round down to 1/4″ away from the points.. she just trimmed to make them square. So…… I ended up with some much smaller blocks than I was supposed to. Hmmmm…..

Continued on making the blocks slightly larger (whew… I was going to run out of fabric!) and in early April I finally sewed up the quilt top!

Woohoo!… But then it took me until this week to get the quilting done. I decided I wouldn’t do my usual meandering loops but instead try to mimic the snail swirl…. quite a few broken needles, broken thread, unpicking and much gritting of teeth later…. I decided to only do some rows in the snail swirl…. the rest have been done in my meandering loops!! BUT IT IS DONE!

And damn if it doesn’t look fine 🙂

And those pesky small blocks that I made in the beginning? Made a beautiful centrepiece on the back of the quilt….. almost like I meant to do it!!

Oh and some scrappy binding for the win!

This quilt tested me (it really shouldn’t have) but sometimes it is good to have to fight to finish something….. makes it that much sweeter when it is done!

This quilt is one of the sweetest finishes for my second quarter Finishalong #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


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