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Tasha Noel Hourbaskets

By June 26, 2020blog

I am back making Hourbaskets again!

I just love these to store my fat quarters and fabric in my cupboards. It looks neater, and I get to use some of my precious fabrics to showcase them and have them on display!

This week it has been Tasha Noel week….. I rediscovered the gorgeous border print from Vintage Market…. I bought it in the red, navy and mint colour ways!

The border is only on one side of the fabric, so a width of fabric can make two baskets… one with the gorgeous panel on the outside and stripe on the inside, the other with stripe on inside and outside.

These make me ridiculously happy to have in my craft room! (yep, it is the small things!!)

And the end where the border print has a seam…. I managed to pattern match completely unexpectedly! That curtain was just perfect!!

And it is surprising how many fat quarters or cuts of fabric you can fit in these!

And yes, I think the mint will need to be cut into next…… : )

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