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Tula Pink Playing Cards Unboxing

By January 1, 2022January 3rd, 2022blog

Woohoo! The Tula Pink playing cards from her Curiouser and Curiouser fabric collection have finally arrived in Australia!

I was lucky and snagged myself some boxes as soon as they were announced, but they sold out in the first couple of hours, so I was glad I went straight in and bought them!

I filmed a quick video showing you the unboxing of the cards and what they look like… and they feel divine!

here is the link to the video or click on the image below.

And the detail on each of the cards is awesome… I laugh each time I see Tula’s face on the King card… with glasses that match the suit.

And disco kitty looks cute with his hat with a flower of the suit shape on the Jack card.

And of course the Queen (not just of hearts!) has a tear / beauty mark with the suit on it. Really lovely to see up close!

I just played a game of solitaire and the feel of the cards is wonderful.

And on to other Tula Pink news…. she just announced her Deja Vu collections… an annual mini collection in a different colourway of her older collections… this year she is doing Parisville Deja Vu! It looks fab! I have it up for pre order and it will be arriving around August.

The Fat Quarter bundles are a bit different…. there are 6 prints that are fat quarters and the two other prints (damask and the cameos) are full metres!


  • Susan says:

    Playing cards? I didn’t realise people still used them and even I have let mine slumber in the cupboard for some years now. Glad you got a packet and like them. Take care & hugs.

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