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Tula Pink Queen of Hearts

By May 15, 2021June 30th, 2023blog

I received the pre release fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink’s Curiouser and Curiouser this past week and O.M.G. it is delightful! Fantastic saturated colours and some whimsical fun images.

I couldn’t stop patting it and soooo many things were rushing through my head as to what to make!

There were things I needed to do last weekend, but instead I stopped, dropped and made things!!! I have started on the Queen of Hearts pattern (I still have one quilt kit for this left in the shop!). As I only had a FQ bundle I have had to tweak things a little from the original pattern (now available for free on the Free Spirits website, but I always like to make my own mark on a pattern!

Each block in this quilt pattern is just pure fun. Colourful, bold, bright and did I mention, fun!?

So there will be lot of this being posted on Instagram over the coming weeks as I make more blocks and start putting together the hearts part of the Queen of Hearts quilt : )

EDIT: and now in 2023 it is finally finished you can see it all together in the blog post here.

And then there was a zippy project pouch! Here is a sneak peek of this (I am going to write up a tutorial and there is a video as well coming soon!). I just love, love, love that painted roses print….. I don’t think I ordered enough!!!

Oooh yes….. I am loving this one! And of course I had to get out my Tula Pink kitty key ring to be the zipper pull!

And the third thing I started (yeah, well, so much for that WIP list I was supposed to be working on this year!! haha) are some more blocks for my Prudence Quilt…. fussy cutting in Curiouser and Curiouser is wonderful…. lots of prints that have some fabulous opportunities!

My Prudence quilt is a long term project using my Tula stash (and new ones that come in!) and I have no plan for it other than enjoying fussy cutting and learning EPP (english paper piecing).

The full fabric line will be arriving early June, yay!

So… this is what I am making with Curiouser and Curiouser…. what do YOU want to make?


  • Christine Kennedy says:

    Oooh – how fabulous. I was hoping you would start that one. Can’t wait to see more….. 😃

    • SWL says:

      I am totally blaming you !!! 😀 It is so gorgeous. I have changed up which colour Queen or Alice goes with what fabric to make it a bit more my own… but so cute!

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