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WIP Along – Week 3 Progress

By September 13, 2022blog, WIPAlong2022

Have you been looking at your WIPs (works in progress) and realising you have WAY too many of them? Join us for the WIP Along 2022 to get some help on how to attack your WIPs and get some done AND also keep them under control going forward.

Last week was about Review and this week was about Roadblocks…. all the things that stop us from continuing our projects.

My main roadblock is ‘bright shiny distractions’…. in the shape of new patterns, sewalongs and cute things I MUST MAKE NOW! : ) I am sure you can relate a little to this!

However, this past week I have been away interstate but I still managed to get some progress on my WIPs. Yay!

On my Prudence EPP quilt, (which is a long term project so I am not expecting it to be complete next week!) I have completed an additional 30 background blocks YAY! This was my evening project whilst chatting with my family. Amazing what you can do when you have a plan and don’t just watch TV or doom scroll on the phone.

There was also some planning done on a few WIPs that I was stuck on….

My Ruby Star Society Summer Sewalong quilt – the top is finished and looks fabulous, but I was stuck on what to use as the backing.

It just so happened I still had the yellow and orange left over fat quarters from the Daydream FQ Bundle by Kate Spain that I had used for my Daylesford Quilt as part of the sewalong, so I will make a pieced backing for the Ruby Star Summer Sewalong quilt! It will take a little bit longer, but the bonus will be using up the entire FQ bundle!

Last year’s Project Jelly Roll (aka Sew a Jelly Roll Day) quilt top has been sitting there for ages awaiting me to sew the backing together. It required pattern matching and I have just been putting it off. But I watched a couple of youtube videos and it worked a charm! This quilt now goes into my TO BE QUILTED queue.

So happy with the pattern matching method…. it really isn’t as hard as I thought, but it does take a little bit of time and patience. Here is my binding baby, quilt top and backing all raring to be quilted.

Hope your WIPs are getting worked on – I am off to plan out the progress for a few more WIPs!

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