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Shooting Star Quilt

By March 16, 2017April 2nd, 2017blog

Ahhh….. Thimbleblossom swoon patterns… I love them all. And FINALLY I got to make one during the Swoonalong during Jan/Feb on Instagram.

I want to make them all, but I settled on the patchwork swoon from Little Ruby first.

It goes together fairly quickly.. it is just simple patchwork for the most part.

And it looked sooooo good as it was coming together!

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about the Patchwork Swoon (that will come later when it is finished!), but all the scraps left over after making the top!

There are all these really cool big half square triangles with patchwork on some, solid colour or background on the other side…. I realised there was enough to make a small quilt!

So tada! Here is my Shooting Star quilt! (and yes, Paddington wanted in on the action)

Made solely from the left overs from making the Patchwork Swoon plus some extra background. Its a great size for a child lap / couch quilt 🙂

I had some fun doing straight line quilting following the various angles of the star.

Bound and backed in Bonnie and Camille (Hello Darling red orange peel on the back).

And I couldn’t resist a shot outside on a sunny day.

This is part of my #2017FALSWL #FAL2017 finish along for quarter 1 🙂









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