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12 Months of Charm Collective Patterns

By December 18, 2019blog, Charm Collective

As we get closer to the end of the year, I have started to reflect back on what has happened this year, what makes have been created, patterns designed, people met and I am always amazed at everything I fit in around my ‘day’ job!

I decided I wanted to get all the makes from the 12 months of Charm Collective out and take some pictures!

And I was really chuffed to see all these lovely quilts and makes hanging out the front of the Said With Love Quilt Barn! (hehe… except I missed one! It was already hard at use as a table topper in the Quilt Barn and I forgot it!)

Simply Charming (in the on point layout), A Bunting Charmer (which I really want to make from a layer cake too as the pattern works for both!), the Advent Calendar, Just Red Tree and the Flowering Charms cushions!

Three Pane’s a Charm is possibly my favourite…. I just love the Nest fabric line by Lella Boutique! And I think I am the most proud of Charm Framed….. I just love the secondary patterns of the crosses that are created by this quilt pattern!

The Charmbot was just a delight to create and design and make (two of them!) And I just went to town and had a ball with the quilting on this one!

The Charm Collective pattern series was quite an undertaking… I really was dreaming big when I came up with the idea in November 2018… I certainly wasn’t planning on not being able to see well enough for about 2 months in 2019 ! Still, I persevered and managed to get all 12 months done on time!

Charm Medley is simple but packs a punch with amazing fabrics from Anna Maria Horner….. I even managed to get her to sign it whilst she was here in Australia during November 2019!

The design for the Diamonds are the Charm pattern came to me whilst I was sitting in our lounge….. the stained glass door has this pattern!

Charm on the Fringe was actually forgotten in the photo shoot! It has already found a home on the red gum table in the Quilt Barn…. so it missed it’s day hanging out in the sunshine.

And to give the most recent pattern tutorial a better image, the Just Red Tree pattern tutorial…. a striking way to create a space saving Xmas tree!

Thank you everyone for joining in my Charm Collective journey this year…. it has been hectic, sometimes exhausting but from a creative perspective I have loved every minute!

If you would like to buy any of the Charm Collective Patterns

Hope you have a great end of the year, end of the decade and I look forward to creating more patterns for you next year.

P.S. this got me thinking about all the quilts I have made in the past decade… so check out the hashtag #decadeofquilts on Instagram and a blog post coming soon!

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