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A Palette Cleanser Quilt

By August 23, 2018blog

Sometimes I just ITCH to start a new project…. but the amount of things I have already on the go is huge… so I can’t start another big project… definitely not anything with lots of fiddly cutting and fiddly sewing…..

So this is where a palette cleanser quilt comes in!!

I bought this gorgeous charm pack from a destash recently (Kate & Birdie’s Bluebird Park) and it was just SOOOOO cute I couldn’t resist opening it straight up and making a little cot sized quilt from it.

There are the cutest hedgehogs and birds and owls in there 🙂

Seriously, I had this sewn up and backing & binding selected all in one day. And then another day to quilt it up. One evening to bind it and it.was.all.done. 😀

And let’s talk about this backing… I have been hoarding this Hello Bear fabric for ages coz I love it! But it was time to be used….. (though I am still questioning why it is Hello Bear, Hello Fox but Hello Doe? Shouldn’t that be Hello Deer? Or maybe Hello Vixen? 😀 )

This was the perfect palette cleanser! Quick and easy and gorgeous! And now sitting in my ‘to be given away’ pile awaiting the next baby announcement or arrival!

And spring has started to arrive here at the Said With Love Quilt Barn! A beautiful sunny day and those grey clouds stayed far away 🙂

The ducks really were hoping for food though…. not this whole pesky quilt photography thing….

So…. have you popped a quick palette cleanser quilt into your sewing schedule??

I had so much fun I think I will be heading back into my stash soon for another quick quilt!


This cot quilt is one of my third quarter Finishalong projects #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


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