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Adorn Whole Cloth Quilt

By March 25, 2018July 25th, 2019blog

My SIL has always said to me she loves my quilts, but if I was ever to do one for her, that she would prefer just fabric… no patchwork. An interesting comment and so I had my eye out for some lovely fabric that would fit the bill…. still gorgeous but without too much ‘fussy’ that I could do a whole cloth quilt with.

And then Alison Glass released her Adorn Silhouette range and OMG I was in love! I ordered it straight away and have had it sitting in the shelves waiting for the time I could make a quilt for my SIL.

Her birthday and moving into her new home seemed like a pretty good reason for a quilt!!

I chose the blue colourway (they are all gorgeous, but that blue just sings!) and cut off a 2.25″ strip from both sides (in the dark navy section) that I would use as the binding. Cut my yardage in half (I had ordered 4yards) and made my quilt sandwich and got to quilting.

In the aqua section in the centre I went with a very organic ‘tree’ shape to sort of echo the leaf and tree patterns.

And in the dark navy outer edge I did a half asterisk

Again, very organic!

The feel and drape of this quilt is just DIVINE. I am kicking myself I didn’t buy more of it to make one for me too. It is the perfect summer quilt… when you want some thing to snuggle under on the couch but can’t have anything too thick.

Alison Glass makes THE most beautiful fabrics. If you haven’t felt this then as Molly used to say, Do Yourself A Favour! Go! Feel some. Buy some. Make a summer whole cloth quilt (and send it to me!) 😀 😀 😀

This is one of the very few things on my #2018FAL list that I have managed to finish this quarter. Doh! Click here to view the original blog post from January.


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