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Craft It Forward Makes

By December 1, 2016November 20th, 2017blog

Earlier this year Fiona ( @bendigolioness ) gave me her #craftitforward make and I just loved it (check this post out if you missed it before). So I was then able to run my own little Craft It Forward competition and there were three winners!

I have managed to get two made and sent off before Christmas, the third will be a New Years gift instead!

I decided that I would do a Maker’s Tote for each of the first two recipients.


I just love making the Maker’s Tote! These are the small version and they are very roomy! I haven’t made one of the large ones…. it really would take pretty much everything including the kitchen sink!

For Janine (@janithom)  I used Lavish fabric by Katarina Roccella. O.M.G. these fabrics are just divine….. from Art Gallery so of course they feel delicious, but the colours… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok. I confess… there might be another Maker’s Tote already cut out in Lavish as well for me…. Hey, who says that you can’t craft it forward for yourself too?!

I pieced a block for the front (I don’t really like the pocket that is in the pattern, so decided a feature block would be better).

Annie’s Soft and Stable (which Alison at the Cotton Factory stocks) is just perfect for this project… it really is soft AND stable!!


I added in some extra little goodies into each of the parcels…There are so many pockets (which reminds me Janine and Cathy… check ALL the pockets!) including one on the back that is inset. This is where my stash of zips in all the colours of the rainbow came in handy!



For Cathy (@cathyewbank) I used Aria by Kate Spain. The more I used this fabric line, the more I fell in love…. luckily there is enough to make a second one 🙂 though, my mother loved it almost as much, so there might be a birthday present in the making! I was going to do another pieced block… but this piece of Alison Glass was just too gorgeous to cut up!


Sadly for Cathy the postage from Australia to England is just ridiculous, so I was restricted to under 500gms. But I did manage to fit in a few goodies into those pockets! Unfortunately a few of the items in the pic had to get culled out because my scales were a few grams lighter than the post office ones! 🙁


I loved doing this Craft It Forward and hope my last parcel in the New Year will be just as much fun!

These ladies are now going to run their own Craft It Forward giveaway on Instagram or their blog so stay tuned everyone… you too could be part of this cycle of paying it forward and sharing the hand made love.

These makes were part of my #FAL2016 for @finishalong







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