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Elizabeth’s Dowry Medallion Quilt

By January 31, 2017blog

Well there is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new!

My friend Jane from Sew Inn in Colac, Victoria asked if I would do a shop sample for her using the new line Elizabeth’s Dowry by Karen Styles (of Somerset Patchwork).

She sent me a screen shot of the pattern and I almost died…. surely I had mentioned to Jane that I don’t do PAPER PIECING?? Because those middle stars looked way out of my abilities…….

Then I looked closer….. it was a panel!

Huge sigh of relief 🙂 Maybe I could do this……. having never done a medallion quilt before and not liking flying geese much….

So I started cutting and putting together… the first round went together very well (ignoring a little bit of reverse sewing that was required….) Those little pinwheels looked pretty good! I did vary the pattern just a little bit… those pinwheels are not centred in the pattern (available for free from Sew Inn) so I rejigged a little bit and made the colour squares a little larger (and not square).

I felt things were going really well… getting a little bit chuffed with myself… and then realised there was 76 flying geese to be made…. and that is not my favourite block to make at all….

But I knuckled down and made them all…. AND they turned out fairly well.

The flying geese round of the medallion was done 🙂

And then another round of coloured squares…. just one last round to go! The other change I made to the pattern was to not use as much of the black fabric… I felt it was too dark… so I used more cream and did the binding in cream as well!

The ducks were a bit intrigued as to this quilt photographing thing….

So, whilst the fabrics are not my usual colours or style I quite liked some of them and I think the finished quilt turned out a treat! It needs some fancy quilting on the centre circles, the rest I did in straight line (and a bit of wiggly lines) following around the centre.

I hope it enjoys its time at the Sew Inn shop being admired by everyone!




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