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Farm Girl Vintage 2 – Corn and Tomatoes

By November 24, 2019November 29th, 2019blog

Oops! I think I missed last Friday’s blog post! Life is getting a bit crazy leading up to Xmas…. so many things to do before then!

Last week’s blocks were the Beehive block – there aren’t many vibrant yellows in my Sweetwater stash, but I think these more muted colours will fit in well with the rest of the quilt!

And the second block from last week was the Tulips block… I love this one (and I love tulips in general!)

And now to this week’s block! Corn and tomatoes….. both of which we have growing in our veggie patch this summer!

Hoping to get a replacement daylight / white light lamp for the one that died this week….. makes it harder taking night time photos!

How is your sewing going this week?

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