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Flying Geese Bloc Loc Rulers

By May 1, 2022blog

I used to have so many problems with making Flying Geese quilt blocks… until I discovered Bloc Loc Flying Geese Rulers AND making them oversized four at a time!

Now I can rely on my flying geese blocks to be the PERFECT size all the time and I actually enjoy making them! No more flying geese tears for me : )

The first step for me was to make them oversized so I had some wiggle room if my seam allowance wasn’t perfect, or sewing across the corner wasn’t a perfectly straight line. I have created a PDF chart of some of the most popular sizes for flying geese HERE if you want to try making them this way yourself (or click on the image below).

And making four at a time is a great way to not waste fabric and it also makes it quicker and easier too.

So you start with one large square of fabric… this will be the centre large triangle in the flying geese. And four smaller squares that will be the wings or side triangles.

Take two of the small squares and place them right side down on the large square on opposite corners. Mark a line 1/4″ either side of the diagonal and sew along both lines.

Cut across the diagonal to make two pieces

Press these towards the small triangles.

They sort of look like hearts! Take another small square and place it right side down in the remaining corner of the large square.

Draw two more lines, 1/4″ either side of the diagonal from bottom point of the square to the point between the two triangles. Sew on these lines.

Cut between the sewn lines to make four flying geese blocks with no waste! Press towards the smaller triangles.

You can then use the Bloc Loc flying geese ruler to trim your blocks.

I find using a rotating cutting mat makes it so much easier to trim the block all the way around.

And the great thing about the Bloc Loc Flying Geese rulers is they have an indent on the underside of the ruler that nests in beautifully with your block and means you will get the perfect 1/4″ between the point and the edge, meaning you won’t cut off your points when you sew it into a seam!

I have got some Bloc Loc rulers in stock on our website if you want to try them out yourself!

The indent makes it simple to know exactly where the ruler needs to go when you are trimming

I have made a video over on my Youtube Channel so you can see me make the flying geese and trim them. Head on over to take a look!

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