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Handmade with Love Sew Along – Week 1

By June 1, 2017May 4th, 2018blog

Welcome to the first week of our Handmade with Love sew along! If you would like to read the preliminary post, click here.

This is going to be a very relaxed sew along over the next 9 weeks. Here is the general plan (coz even though it is relaxed I STILL like a plan!) :

Week 1: fabric selection and blocks 1 & 2, the solid and stripe presents.
Week 2: pinwheel present
Week 3: HST present
Week 4: star and heart present
Week 5: peppermint present
Week 6: scrappy star present
Week 7: large bows
Week 8: little bows
Week 9: quilt top sew together
Week 10: round up

Please note there is a mistake in the pattern cutting directions in the Large Bows section. See for the update. Also if you are using directional prints for block 1 the cutting directions for the rectangle should be WIDTH x HEIGHT with the smaller number being the width.

If you would like to join in our little sewalong just let me know, we have a Group conversation on Instagram where we are discussing each of the blocks and I am also providing the dimensions for a half sized version. As this pattern in it’s original form is a very large quilt!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #SWLSewalong #HWLSewalong and #handmadewithlovequilt when posting your pictures on Instagram.

Ok, here goes for week 1!

If you haven’t already, go and grab your pattern from and work out what fabrics you are going to use for your quilt. We would all love to see a picture of your fabric pull, so please tag me on Instagram (@anneboundy) in your posts as well as use the hashtags!

I selected prints from Cotton + Steel xmas lines Tinsel and Garland for my quilt. I love the very colourful prints – I think it is going to make a very fun xmas quilt. As our Xmas is in the height of summer I wanted to keep it very light and fun.

Along with making the block 1s and block 2s, this is a good time to work out a rough plan of what fabrics you want to use for each of the other blocks coming up.

One thing I did notice about my fabrics is that they are all directional! All those HSTs coming up in the following weeks are going to give me some grief! Coz, you know, they all need to be the right way up!!

Blocks 1 & 2 are a great way to highlight some of your feature prints and Tinsel and Garland have LOTS of cute prints. These are my solid blocks

And my stripe present blocks

And I was having so much fun I wanted to make one of the bows to go on top to see what that will look like (we make the bows in weeks 7 & 8)

Ok, so that was LOTS of fun, so I made another bow for the top 🙂

Looking forward to seeing how everyone goes with this week!










  • Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts says:

    Hi Anne, great post and thanks for organising the QAL – am very excited to be a part of this. I’ll oat my final fabrics later when I get home (though you’ll be in bed by then!)

  • Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts says:

    ‘oat’ my fabrics ? Should have been ‘get’ !!

  • Cathy ewbank says:

    Thanks for leading us in this lovely QAL. Really looking forward to sewing these blocks, and getting our Christmas quilt ready BEFORE Chrristmad this year!!!

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