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#hangingwithmygnomiesSAL – Week 5

By March 30, 2019May 4th, 2019blog

Well….. week 4 of the #hangingwithmygnomiesSAL wasn’t a fabulous week for sewing sadly!

But trying to get back on track a bit this week with my first Nanette Gnome block!

I did find the Nanette block a little harder than the Norm blocks, not much, but enough that I am rethinking my numbers of them in my quilt! I have a few more weeks of not much sewing so I need to adjust my expectations 🙁

I see that others have been powering along with their Norms and Nanettes – I have loved seeing all of them!

In other news, I have had time to collect and count up my WIPs…. oh my goodness, I have 30 works in progress!! The oldest dating from 2002. Gulp. I need to get my sewjo back and working ASAP to get these done!!

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