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John Deere Jelly Roll Rug

By June 27, 2021blog

I just couldn’t resist…. I had to make another double sided jelly roll rug, this time with a John Deere tractor panel on the back! (and if you missed it, I started this whole double sided jelly roll rug thing a few weeks ago with THIS ONE )

Hoping a certain little boy whose birthday is this coming week is going to LOVE this!

The panels are available in the online shop if you want to make one of your own.

And the other side of the jelly roll rug is just gorgeous too….. this little one’s favourite colour is pink, so Olive’s Flower Garden jelly roll from my stash was perfect for that pink requirement along with some green to help match with the tractor on the other side!

And here is the ‘front’ (though I dare say it will be the back for quite a while)

Have you made a Jelly Roll Rug? They are so rewarding (and the colours are always awesome!). These two products help out HEAPS with the making of them!

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