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Lazy Afternoon in the Craft Room

By April 22, 2023blog

I decided today was going to be an afternoon in the craft room… some ‘me’ time! : ) And when I saw the Zen Chic Lazy Afternoon fabric sitting on my bench….. it was just meant to be!

Those yarn ball prints have been calling at me to make something…. and today I finally decided on what! Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness is having a sale on her minikins collections (season 4 has just been released but she has put all of the seasons up for sale!) and I have been hankering after Season 1 since it first came out. Today I decided to splurge and purchase it and I now have 12 gorgeous bag patterns plus in-depth videos for each one!

[if you want to head on over to Sara’s website you can check out all of the seasons. I don’t have any connection to Sara, just love her work!]

These are all the patterns included in Season 1… I pretty much want to make all of them!

The Jetset Cinched Bag caught my eye today…. as the yarn fabric lent itself towards a woolly project bag!

I just needed some By Annie Soft n Stable, mesh and fold over elastic (all in my cupboards!) and I was off!

I had created the outer and the inner before I even thought about taking any pictures I was having so much fun!

Sara’s video was really informative with some tips to make things turn out well and my pieces all came together well.

Before too long I was on the home stretch and voila… one gorgeous drawstring bag aka the Jetset Cinched Bag was done!

And it fits the large Bendigo Woollen Mill balls beautifully (two in fact) and the mesh slip pockets inside are the perfect spot for crochet needles, knitting needles, pattern and stitch markers! And maybe a snack!

I am in love! Though, I just decided that it fits my new noise cancelling headphones beautifully (with pockets for the various cables to connect and charge) so maybe I need to make another one for my woolly projects!

I do still need to get a cord lock or lace toggle kind of thing to hold my cord closed strongly… but for the moment a good bow with a knot is keeping it closed.

The Lazy Afternoon fabric by Zen Chic is available in our online store on the bolt as well as a few precuts.


  • Susan says:

    Very nice as well as handy. Not done any bag making for years. Well done, take care & hugs.

  • Rachel says:

    That is the perfect knitting project bag fabric!! Love the range of bag patterns in that bundle too…now I just need to remind myself I do NOT need any more bags!

    • SWL says:

      I couldn’t resist getting this fabric in, it was just perfect for a woolly project bag!!
      I have eyed off the minikins series 1 since it was released years ago…. I decided it was time and that I was worth it! (and no, I don’t really need any more bag patterns either!!!)

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