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Lily the Longarm

By December 13, 2018May 31st, 2019blog

Well today has been a HUGE day!

Lily the Longarm has arrived at the Said With Love Quilt Barn!

I have been dreaming of getting a long arm for SOOO long…. thanks to Jane from Sew Inn who just raves about her Q24! And of course my total hatred of pin basting quilts.

And after researching so many longarms and talking to people and watching videos and going to quilting shows, I finally decided which one I loved (yep, it was the Q24!) but decided it was just too expensive at this point.

However, skip forward about 8 months of hard saving and deciding to take some money from our savings and Lily the Longarm is settling in nicely in the Quilt Barn Attic.

Can I just say WOOHOO! and do a dance of excitement and joy??!? She is a thing of beauty!

It is such a huge decision to purchase a long arm but one that I hope will be successful for my business. Which probably answers your question: yes, I will be quilting for others starting in the New Year 🙂  Stay tuned for the launch of the Said With Love Quilting Service.

I am so very excited and if I am a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks, well, you know where I’ll be…. in the attic, sewing up a storm on Lily !





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