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Love Charm Tote Bag

By November 19, 2023blog

In the October 2023 Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler Box, there was a fun pattern kit by June Tailor for the Love Charm Tote Bag – I couldn’t wait to make it! (You can read the blog post about that box here)

I decided I didn’t want to use my Lighthearted charm packs that came in the Sew Sampler box (want to keep them for another project!) so I popped out my Evermore charm packs by Sweetfire Road

And away I went! I had fun cutting and placing the pieces on the marked stabiliser that is part of the pattern. June Tailor’s patterns are easy and fun for beginners as you have lines on the stabiliser to place your fabrics and you just sew. It is an easy type of foundation piecing.

And seriously, before I knew it, I had the bag outer made and I was on to the handles before I remembered to take some pictures!

I did add some extra batting into my handles, as I love to have some softness in tote bag handles … you know… for when you just pop into a fabric store and come out carrying a heavy load!!

The other thing I tweaked from the pattern was how I finished the lining seams. The pattern basically had them raw edge and open inside the tote bag, and I don’t like that look. So I left my lining fabric about an inch (or more) past the seam and I didn’t trim them off.

I then trimmed one side so it just folded over and covered one edge all the way to the seam. And the other side I left a little bit longer, folded it over and made sure it covered the seam line and the edge of the other folded lining.

I sewed down the edges just a 1/8″ in and I sewed the centre fold too.

This gave my tote bag very neat side seams! And the extra stitching lines aren’t even noticeable on the outside with the other quilting I did!

I did a similar thing to the boxed corners too, however I just sewed the extra lining over the edges, I didn’t then sew it down onto the bag. The boxed corners are sitting down quite nicely into the bag bottom and I think they will be fine.

And voila! My tote bag is finished and I love it! I might have a lovely gift to give someone for Christmas : )

And I am in love with my new Love Charm Tote bag in Evermore!

I made a short video showing the tote bag plus another tweak I made to the pattern – watch the video here.

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