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MPavilion Quilt Challenge – Fabric Day!

By October 15, 2023blog

This is the second post about my challenge quilt for MPavilion in conjunction with the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild (if you missed the first you can read it here).

I was so thrilled to have had my quilt chosen from over 40 designs…. I couldn’t wait until my fabric arrived (the fabric, backing, binding and batting were all provided by MPavilion with GJ Discount Fabric’s sending the goodies!)

I do love a paper package with fabric inside! And the fabrics are delightful! (I am trying to ignore the orange)

These are Devonstone solids, from top left DV067 Eggplant, DV038 Red Delicious, DV127 Coral, DV074 Jarrahdale and DV054 Macadamia.

As this quilt will be washed many times during the summer after people have used it to picnic on, watch events from and generally chill out on, I decided that I should actually wash them first!

With these vibrant colours I was expecting some colour running, but there was! Awesome Devonstone solids!

The downside of washing your fabrics (and why I don’t usually do this) is that it takes time! I always want to just get going making! The drying actually didn’t take too long at our place that day…. rather windy!

But the pressing afterwards took some time. Thankfully I was loving my new ironing station (read more about it here) so the time went quickly.

So it was FINALLY time to start cutting! I had spent quite some time already working out the yardage, so I had a cutting list to work to. It was a bit stressful doing the cutting however, as I didn’t have a huge amount of extra fabric.

I was getting so excited to see the strips being cut and couldn’t wait to get sewing…. except I made one cutting booboo and I had totally written a wrong number down on my cutting list and I realised I didn’t have enough fabric left of the Eggplant to fix it! ARGH.

Thankfully Fiona from Alice in Fabricland in Kyneton had the Eggplant Devonstone in stock, so I popped up to see her for a lovely chat and wander through her beautiful store!.

And then I could finally have all my fabric cut and ready to start sewing!

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