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MPavilion Quilt Challenge – Quilting

By November 14, 2023blog

This MPavilion project has been so much fun and quite different than anything else I have done!

Working to a brief (decided by someone else not just me!); working with fabrics and colours I haven’t chosen; working to a tight deadline that had zero flexibility in it and then not having the quilt to take multiple photos of over time!

I usually like to do an outdoor photo shoot in a couple of places as well as some indoor styled shots of my quilts. However this one only had time for a quick one time photo shoot – which you will see soon!

The sewing together went pretty well… there are five different very large ‘blocks’… this part one looks a bit like a flag of a new nation!

And of course there are my partial circles too! Some macadamia coloured ones

And some red ones!

They made me think of musical notes at one point! (but totally not my inspiration however!)

I still can’t show you the complete finished quilt, as the launch of MPavilion is Thursday 16th November in Melbourne, but I can show you some of the quilting I did on the finished quilt top!

I decided that the quilt needed to have ruler work on it… which with my wrist issues was going to be problematic to say the least. I had a fixed deadline so I had to spread my quilting time a little bit of each day I had left… thank fully my wrist survived!

Some wedges on the partial circles… and then lots and lots and lots of straightline quilting! After all, this is a modern quilt!

The batting that was supplied was so furry! It got on everything! I came out of the Quilt Barn each day looking like I had a fight with a sheep! (and lost)

The backing supplied went with the theme and again wasn’t something I would have chosen myself (and it was a batik which I dislike quilting with), however the colours went well and for having to get a committee to agree to the backing, I think the Melb Modern Quilt liaison person, GJ’s and the MPavilion people did well!

Once the quilting was finished and my wrist and hand had recovered, it was time to bind. The same Eggplant fabric as the backing, so the binding just melts into the background. I didn’t want it to stand out, the quilt itself makes enough of a statement!

And because this quilt is going to get some serious use and washing over the summer, I machine bound it. I sewed it to the back of the quilt first, then pressed it to the front, used a heap of binding clips all the way around and then sewed it to the front. At about 1/8″ in from the folded edge and it looked quite good!

I was in such a rush to get it into the Express post to get to Melbourne in time, I didn’t get a photo of the machine binding, but I was really pleased with it. It is not usually a look I like, but for this quilt it was perfect.

This was the pile of quilts being collated in Melbourne ready for the launch this week. (mine is one of the all purple binding quilts!)

Come back on this weekend to see the full reveal of my finished quilt and my artist statement about the quilt and my pattern! And hopefully all the other quilts as well.

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