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New Shipping Calculations

By July 4, 2023blog

Good old Aussie Post have upped their prices AGAIN…. so after thinking long and hard about it, I have changed the way the website calculates shipping so hopefully it will be easier for you and for me!

Shipping will now be worked out on a sliding scaled based on the total price of your order (before any gift coupons are applied).

  • $1 – $75 : $11 shipping *
  • $76 – 150: $14 shipping
  • $151 – $250: $16 shipping
  • $251 – $400: $18 shipping
  • $401 + : $20 shipping

*For the smaller orders that really do fit into a small tracked envelope or a larger tracked envelope I will refund any overages. Tracked envelopes have also gone up in price and are now $5 and $7 respectively.

I do reserve the right to tweak the scale after a little while of seeing how this goes.

As I try and keep the price of all the gorgeous fabrics as low as I can go and still be a business, shipping is a cost that I cannot absorb.

You can read more under About -> Shipping

Also, I am happy to pop your orders into a holding spot for you if you want to order a few things over a month and only pay shipping once on the whole total…. select ‘bill me for shipping’ or ‘local pickup’ and pop a comment in the notes section at check out letting me know what you would like to do. Maybe also drop me an email to make sure we are clear on things : )

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