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Project Jelly Roll – Quadrangle Quilt

By March 17, 2023blog

Each year in September, Moda has a Sew A Jelly Roll Day called Project Jelly Roll! It is a fun day and each year they release free patterns to help us find a great quilt to sew up with a jelly roll!

Back in 2021, I selected the Quadrangle pattern as a fun make, and selected my fabrics. (If you want to read about the 2021 Sew A Jelly Roll Day, I wrote a blog post with lots of free patterns available here)

I chose Spring Brook by Corey Yoder for a fun, fresh palette for the quilt.

I started making the blocks, and it was addictive! They started multiplying : )

Using my ‘design floor’, I started laying out the blocks to try and get a nice flow of colours across the quilt top. I like to leave the blocks out for a while so that I can come back after a few hours (or days!) to see if I missed anything that could be moved.

By the end of September I had a finished quilt top, I had selected my backing and I had even made the binding!

And there she sat… and sat…. and sat. I eventually did sew the backing together (it required pattern matching and I’ll do another blog post about that!), but even then, it sat there. Sigh. Life really does get in the way of our quilting sometimes, doesn’t it?!

But now it is March 2023 and the quilt was on Lily the Longarm ready for quilting! Yay!

And it was finally quilted!! I just did some free motion quilting, any design I felt like. Remembering previous designs, making up some new ones, copying some I had seen on Instagram… having fun!

Sadly my wrist did NOT like me doing free motion quilting and it was a week before I could use my arm again… argh! Still, Quadrangle is now bound and finished and here she is!

I love finally getting a finish! It is such a buzz…… I might need to finish a few more!

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