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Rosemary Quilt – Flower Power style!

By August 17, 2023blog

Gosh I have fallen hard for this Rosemary Quilt! (see the previous blog post as I was making it!).

This picture was before it was quilted or bound – but I couldn’t resist a picture in front of the pond, with the ever present chooks!

The quilting is a digital design called Paisley Max (perfect for a 60’s / 70’s inspired fabrics!). It gives some great movement but without detracting from the fabrics or the quilt.

It now, the quilting is finished, the binding has been sewn on so we took her out and about to get some photos!

Penola in South Australia has some gorgeous old buildings and the sun was just right to get a picture in front of this beauty.

And even an old wooden slab house! Isn’t she just gorgeous? (hehehe… the house AND the quilt!)

I just wanted to take photos everywhere with this gorgeous quilt. Gosh it is going to be soooo hard to give her away!

Pattern: Rosemary Quilt by @thimbleblossoms

Fabric: A Blooming Bunch and Flower Power by Maureen McCormack (of Brady Bunch fame!)

Layout : I changed it to be a rectangle rather than square as per the pattern and did the gradient of colours.

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