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Sew My Precious May 2020

By June 1, 2020blog, sewmyprecious

I have been pottering along making Cross Plus blocks with my Tula Pink stash when I can.

This sewalong is very relaxed…. it is a long haul project not a quick bang ; ) so I haven’t been stressing to make a certain number of blocks by a certain time frame.

There are now 9 blocks towards my quilt! woohoo!

I started off with blocks that had the bright pink centre

And I realised it was going to overwhelm the quilt and give me a secondary pattern that would take over from gorgeous other fabrics…. so I added in some grey centres

And, as happens quite often when you are making things up as you go along, I realised I didn’t have enough of that grey fabric to do half the blocks of the entire quilt…. so I went looking for some more possible centres.

And decided that the diagonal blocks across the quilt will have this darkish green print in the centres.

And up in the top left side of the quilt there will be some green star centres, and also some with cream centres.

Hopefully this will all look cohesive when it is done, but oh boy there is nothing like flying by the seat of your pants!!

The #sewmyprecious sewalong is encouraging you to get out the good fabric, cut into it and make something beautiful! You can join in any time (just tag me in Instagram @said_with_love) or even email me a pic of what you are doing, I love seeing what others are doing with their precious fabrics : )

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