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Turning Fabric Straps

By May 4, 2022blog

Turning fabric straps inside out once you have sewn the seam can be a PITA (yep, that stands for pain in the a$$!).

Recently I had to turn 295 metres of fabric strap inside out…. and after the first metre I knew there had to be a better way than the old safety pin method……. and then I found the Turn It All Tool!

It is simple …. a tube and a stick. Really, it doesn’t get much easier than that…. but oh boy, the TIME it saves!!

I have created a video showing you how it works (and how quickly it works!) so you can see for yourself.

Sooooo glad this tool arrived in time to help me with all those metres of fabric tubes to turn!

and this is the back of the package so you can see a quick outline of how it works.

I got some extra stock into the website so you too can have the benefit of this useful tool! Purchase it here

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